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RST アールエスティー:RST 2419 PARAGON V CE M WP GLV グローブ

RST アールエスティー:RST 2419 PARAGON V CE M WP GLV グローブ


Features of the RST Paragon V CE Waterproof Glove include -

・Stretch comfort panels
・Hipora lining
・Carbon knuckle protectors
・Adjustable wrist & cuff closure
・Pre-curved fingers
・Double layer leather in palm
・Zip in / out cuff system
・Reflective details to make you more visible to other road users


Just like the jacket, the Paragon V glove is made for touring. Smart features like the integrated PU and carbon hybrid knuckle, zipped expander-cuff, leather palm and soft quilted thermal lining give the glove a subtle look belying its high spec level and outstanding performance in harsh conditions.


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